Custom Instruments


The following models are considered my “stock guitars” which are offered in the “for sale” section of this website at discounted prices compared to a full custom project.  They are, however, considered limited edition runs of various artistic design explorations.  In other words, a particular guitar style may not be repeated unless through the custom shop.  So when you buy a stock Czeiszperger Guitar, it is still a unique expression of what I think a guitar can be.

I currently offer three models of guitar sizes, Parlor, Concert, and Jumbo.   The Parlor model is very comfortable to hold with a warm intimate voice.  Although less loud than my Concert and Jumbo models, it has surprising volume for a small guitar.  I typically build Parlor Guitars with a short scale, and a neck with 12 frets to the body.  Concert body guitars are also typically short scale guitars, although I will build a long scale concert upon request.  I typically build Concerts with 13 frets to the body to make it more comfortable to hold than a typical guitar with 14 frets.  A cutaway is available for anyone requiring higher access on the neck.  The concert bodies, while not an overly large guitar, has the depth typically seen on dreadnaughts.  This added depth, along with my lattice bracing top pattern and side sound hole design, gives it a huge voice in a reasonably compact size.  For those requiring the biggest voice possible in an acoustic guitar, I offer the long scale Jumbo.  The jumbo provides the bright trebles and big bass to be heard over the other instruments in a bluegrass band or jazz combo.

Dimensions:                Parlor                     Concert                        Jumbo

Lower bout                  14 ½”                         15”                              16 ¾”

Waist                            9 ¼”                         9 ½”                            11 ¼”

Upper bout                  10 ¾”                         11”                               12 ½”

Depth                            4”                            4 ½”                             4 ¾”

Length                         19 ¼”                       19 5/8”                         20 5/8”


My Ukuleles feature a similar lattice bracing as my guitars, (although much lighter).  Unlike some instuments with a bright tinny sound, Czeiszperger ukes have been compared to small classical guitars with a warm, open, sustaining tone.   Ukuleles are offered on the for sale page in various sizes and designs.